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At Northwest Medical Center, we treat the most important health concerns - yours. We provide healthcare services designed to meet your needs at every stage of your life.

Why You Should Have Your Baby at Northwest Medical Center

Planning for the arrival of your little one is an exciting—and hectic—process. When it’s time to choose a women’s care hospital for your big day, we invite you to take a tour of Northwest Medical Center. Our maternity care department combines the utmost in comfort and caring with sophisticated medical technology.

Compassionate Care

When you tour our beautiful, newly renovated maternity wing and meet our skilled professionals, we think you’ll agree that Northwest Medical Center is the right place to have your baby. Our goal is to provide family centered care that meets the unique needs of every new parent and child. We encourage rooming in to support the special bond between parent and child. When it’s time for you to rest, our skilled providers will care for your child and provide continuous monitoring. In our nursery, each newborn is safeguarded by a state-of-the-art infant security system.

Lactation Support

Breast is best for the health of mother and baby, but breastfeeding doesn’t always come naturally to new moms. Northwest Medical Center is pleased to offer extensive lactation support services seven days per week. Our board-certified lactation consultant works one-on-one with new moms to help them find good breastfeeding positions and to learn how to lessen discomfort associated with breastfeeding. Our hospital also features a lactation support group.

Specialized Medical Services

Some newborns require specialized care and Northwest Medical Center is prepared to meet those needs in our Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Our thoughtfully designed NICU is the only one of its kind in northern Broward County.

Family Classes

Family education is an important part of what we do here at Northwest Medical Center. Your family will find comprehensive childbirth classes, including newborn care, child preparation series, infant CPR, and breastfeeding workshops.

The women’s care specialists at Northwest Medical Center look forward to helping your family welcome your baby into the world! For general information about our maternity care, including our childbirth classes in Margate, FL, expectant parents can call (954) 974-0400. Northwest Medical Center is committed to safeguarding the health and safety of each of our patients.

What is the da Vinci Robotic Surgical System?

Robotic surgery has rapidly become the medical technology of choice for performing minimally invasive surgeries. The term “robotic surgery” is a bit of a misnomer that often leads people to assume that procedures are being performed by robots. In fact, a highly trained robotic surgeon is right next to the patient and is in full control of the device at all times. Here at Northwest Medical Center, we’re pleased to offer the benefits of robotic surgery to our patients.

Versatile Applications

The da Vinci system is one method for performing minimally invasive surgeries. This technique involves creating a series of very small incisions instead of one long incision. The robotic surgeon uses precise controls to guide the surgical instruments through the incisions to perform the necessary tasks. A wide range of surgeries may be performed with the da Vinci system. It can be used for cardiac surgeries such as mitral valve repair and revascularization. Robotic surgery is appropriate for colorectal, thoracic, urologic, head and neck, and gynecologic surgeries, including myomectomies and hysterectomies.

Core Technology

The da Vinci Xi® robotic platform is the most advanced system available. With this system, surgeons are able to precisely visualize the surgical field through 3D, high-definition magnification. The vision magnification provides for true depth perception. The wristed instruments, which extend tiny surgical tools through incisions, are capable of bending and rotating beyond what the human hand is capable of. The wristed instruments eliminate the slight tremors of the surgeon’s hand on the controls to reduce the risk of damage to nearby internal structures. Additionally, the new da Vinci Xi® platform facilitates the advanced training of robotic surgeons. It includes a Skills Simulator that lets the surgical team practice the necessary skills for various procedures.

Just two hospitals in Broward County have invested in the da Vinci Xi® robotic surgical system and one of them is Northwest Medical Center. By offering robotic surgery in Margate, FL, we’re continuing our commitment to providing our patients with the latest innovations in medical techniques and technology. Patients may speak with a registered nurse at our hospital by calling (954) 974-0400.

Technology in the ER: ED Kiosk

Emergency rooms fulfill a critical need within communities and ER staff has long been committed to making continual improvements that shorten the time between a patient’s arrival and his or her medical assessment. Like many other medical facilities, Northwest Medical Center has invested in innovative technologies within our Emergency Department to streamline the process. One of those technologies is our ED Kiosk.

The Basics of the Kiosk

The ED Kiosk is fast and easy way to check in when you arrive at the ER. You’ve probably already used certain self-service technologies before, such as the self-service lane at supermarkets or the automated check-ins at airports. The ED Kiosk operates on the same principles: to improve the convenience, speed, and efficiency of the check-in process to enhance patient experiences in the ER.

The Process of Checking In

The ED Kiosk is simple to use, but you can always notify a staff member if you require assistance. The fastest way to check in is to scan your Florida driver’s license and enter the reason for your visit to the ER. You could also choose to manually enter all of the required information. As soon as your information is entered, the triage nurse in the ER is notified of your presence.

The Steps to Take in an Emergency

Using the ED Kiosk is a smart idea for patients who need to be seen for moderately urgent medical conditions such as a sprained ankle or severe flu symptoms. Of course, if you are experiencing a potentially life-threatening medical problem such as a heart attack or stroke, it isn’t advisable for you to try to drive yourself to the ER. Instead, call 911 right away for emergency transportation. If the nature of your medical problem does allow you to use the ED Kiosk, you should notify a staff member if your condition worsens while you are waiting to be seen.

Since 1984, Northwest Medical Center has maintained its commitment to providing a high-level of care to our neighbors in Broward County. If you need emergency care in Margate, FL, for a serious or life-threatening medical problem, please call 911 without delay. Non-emergent inquiries can be directed to our Consult-A-Nurse line at (954) 974-0400.

Our Advanced Nurse Call System

If you’ve been admitted to the hospital from the ER, are preparing for minimally invasive surgery, or are otherwise anticipating a stay in the hospital, it may grant you peace of mind to know that Northwest Medical Center has invested in some of the most advanced patient care technologies available today. Among them is our sophisticated nurse call system, which instantly connects patients to a qualified medical provider when the need arises. When patients are admitted to our hospital, a staff member will explain how to navigate this easy-to-use system.

Nurse Call Systems

Nurse call systems have come a long way since they were first introduced into hospitals. The old systems featured a solitary call button, which patients could press to alert the nurse station that something was wrong. Unfortunately, this system lacked specificity. Pressing the call button might mean that the patient had fallen and needed immediate assistance or it might simply mean that the patient was hungry. Fortunately, nurse call systems are far more specific and technologically advanced. The nurse call system available in patient rooms at Northwest Medical Center is an easy-to-use, interactive device that allows patients to select the general type of issue that they need assistance with, such as pain management. Additionally, a call coming from a patient’s room can be instantly directed to the nurse’s wireless phone.

Integrated Companion Technology

Our nurse call system is seamlessly integrated with companion technology such as iMobile Clinical Communicators. This is a smartphone device that allows for the efficient delivery of clinical data. It allows for the elimination of cumbersome paper charts and connects patients to the care they need more quickly than before. These communicators also allow healthcare providers to instantly locate each other and communicate with each other, which facilitates timely patient decisions.

Northwest Medical Center is your source for high-quality and technologically advanced medical services. Families in Broward County can turn to our medical center for sophisticated robotic surgery, cardiovascular care, pediatric emergency care, and comprehensive women’s care in Margate, FL. If you have general questions about our hospital services, you can call (954) 974-0400 and speak with one of our friendly registered nurses.

How We are Using Technology to Create Better Patient Experiences

High-quality medical care delivered by skilled providers is just part of what we excel at here at Northwest Medical Center. We’re also actively working to continually improve the patient experience in all of our departments. Sophisticated technological innovations are an important part of our recent improvements. When you visit our ER, prepare for robotic surgery, or make use of our many other medical specialties, we’ll do everything we can to ensure your positive hospital experience.

CenTrak Smart Band

Patient tracking is essential for seamless, efficient hospital care. Northwest Medical Center is pleased to introduce the CenTrak Smart Band, which is a single-use patient tag that allows for real-time location tracking. This device improves patient flow and safety, and records patient-equipment and patient-staff interactions to ensure quality care.

MyCare Electronic Whiteboards

All of the rooms at our hospital have been equipped with MyCare Electronic Whiteboards. These operate much like digital bulletin boards and they allow patients to become more proactive and better informed about their own healthcare. When a nurse, doctor, or other provider enters a patient’s room, that staff member’s name is automatically loaded onto the MyCare Whiteboard so that the patient knows who is providing care. The Whiteboards also display important patient information such as medication dosages, scheduled procedures or treatments, and even their daily goals such as physical therapy targets.

X-Plain Patient Education

It’s one of our priorities at Northwest Medical Center to improve health literacy among our patients, giving them the ability to make informed decisions for their wellness. One of the tools we’re implementing to improve health literacy is interactive tutorials. These are audiovisual tutorials that offer in-depth health information in an easy-to-understand format. For example, if you’re scheduled for robotic surgery at our hospital, you’ll be given an access code to begin working through the tutorial that corresponds to your surgery.

Northwest Medical Center has long been a leading provider of compassionate medical care for patients at every stage of life. Your family can rely on our highly trained medical staff to provide exceptional women’s care, orthopedic care, minimally invasive care, and pediatric care in Margate, FL, among our many other lines of service. New and current patients can reach our Consult-A-Nurse line at (954) 974-0400 with general questions about our healthcare.

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